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Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 21:08:23 -0800

>In 40k, 5 terminators are much more useful than a Leman Russ in my opinion.
>Especially when they carry Cyclone missile launchers or autocannons. They
>also have a tendency to survive longer than Leman Russ tanks......in my
>games anyway.

But are they so good they rate having better saves then Leman Russ TANKS?
They are tough but egads...Especially when you start talking unmodified
saves. Those unmod. saves are no joke!

As to Cyclones and stuff I don't think we model heavy weapons Termies like
we do the Close Assault kiddies. Maybe an optional unit?

>>And Leman Russes are medium
>> tanks (i.e. not even light tanks). What kind of walking suit do you think
>> should save against a Quake Cannon (which damages buildings!)?
>We can assume from a hit like that only one or two of them bite the bullet.

One or two from a Quake Cannon? heheh you can fit an entire squad of Termies
in the barrel of that thing (remember in Warhammer everything is huge and
has magic ammunition). :)

Remember that Epic is NOT Warhammer 40K, and unlike Epic40K does not try to
link to it in any meaningful way.

>I am not sure about how space marine forces have to be constructed in Epic
>cause I never have played as them, but I rarely see Tactical marines out
>there and only really see the devastator companies. Maybe my opponents were
>cheating on me and I didn't know it.

You can take all dev. companies. A tad expensive I would think for their

Tac Marines I think are the best basic troops in the game after Chaos
Marines IMHO.

>Personally, to keep things to scale with 40k, I think Space Marines need a
>modifiable 6+ save and termies need at least 4+ to be on par with daemons.
>Every other bit of inf should remain unchanged.

See, this is the slippery slope of 'rules tweaking'. Everyone assumes
changes to their chosen force are fair and needed to restore the games
balance and every other suggestion to other races is some cheesy plot to
make the race unbeatable. I'm of the opinion if "It ain't broke don't fix it
until it is". Optional rule? Cool. Core rule. No.

The Imperium already has its cards stacked with it (not as bad as in Epic40K
though!) - I personally see no reason to change the infantry stats at all.
Playtest reports showing huge game unbalances would have shown up by now -
and I'm sure if we changed the infantry there would be a big fight about it.

Its an interesting thought - but would definitely have to wait until someone
does an umhh.. "advanced" combat system to take different weapon effects in
consideration - or make a new system based on bigger dice.


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