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Date: Sun, 7 Mar 1999 14:33:10 -0800

The easiest way I have found to collect models is by buying collections and
sets off of Bartertown.

In the case where Games Workshop pretty much hosed you on models (i.e.
Lictors) I would suggest using proxies (models standing in) and/or basing
them in the Epic40K manner (1 per base). For this I can suggest using
pennies. In fact pennies make great bases for individual units
(Dreadnoughts, etc). For bikes, Tyranid Warriors, etc I would suggest
mounting them three to a Epic40K style strip as that looks a lot better and
saves a lot of models in the long run. I can send you scans if you need to
see what I'm thinking.

I also have a handful of Tyranid vehicles and a Hive Tyrant if you want
them - just keep me in mind if you see any cheap Middle Earth cards around

The website for Bartertown is at:

If you need any more help or suggestions let me know!


>Im new and was just wondering what was the easiest way to collect models .
Im asking because certain cards require certain amounts of models (i.e.
lictors - 5 models ; but only 2 come in a box ) . Also i was wondering if
anyone had any old stands for trade or sale . thanks alot .
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