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At 08:24 PM 3/16/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Since I know that Simon has commented that there are quite a few on this
>list and to coax them to participate, I'll ask a simple question:
>Whats your favorite army and why?
>Once I hear from some of you I will also spill the beans.

  I'll start off. Favorite army:

  Alaitoc Eldar

   I chose Eldar at first because I liked the look of the figures (old ones
not the new ones). The background also seems to indicate the Craftworlds
are one of the better places to live in the 40K universe, if one actually
had to live there. They also know the true threat of Chaos unlike the vast
majority of the citizens of the Imperium.
   I chose Alaitoc because I liked the color scheme. Ulthwe's scheme was
too dark for my tastes since I'm not of the black = automatically cool
crowd. The other Craftworld colors seemed too clashing or gaudy. Alaitoc
colors were striking yet complemented each other nicely IMO. Plus I
thought the Sword of Vaul (Anaris) symbol was elegant yet powerful.
   Reading more into the backgrounds, Alaitoc appears to be less "stuck up"
and stiflingly rigid than the other Craftworlds, yet not as
barbaric/anarchic like Saim-Hann. It also has the advantage of not being
so hemmed in by the Imperium so there's more freedom for narrative campaigns.
   And those free Scouts come in pretty handy, though it didn't play a
factor in my choice. :)


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