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I feel you are right not a thing needs to be done about the heavy weapons, pepole just need to come up with better plans to fight those armies. I play space wolves we don't get alot of long fangs only as support cards but I have no problem playing squats were the guy takes nothing but thunderers and bikes very hard army to beat when squats are played like that or eldar with almost all falcon grav tanks long range, pop up, and a save mod. I just come up with a new plan, like drop pods to fight the eldar, drop them 2nd or 3rd turn on objectives and win game for they don't have that many foot troops to hold you off of the objective. Boy you want to see someone get mad do that to them and fire comes out there eyes, or drop assault marines on there heavy weapons +3 to +1 caf and whatch them complain bout you being cheesey with the drop pods. Or get something to blow the crap out of biuldings when they go in them or near them shoot the building and whatch his heavies die >:| SO there you go no rule change just bet
ter plan of attack.
Now I have a problem with HQ units dose the whole unit fight like the rules say or just the command stand? somebody told me only the command stand gets to move as charge and fire first fire not he tank, The tank is part of the unit right so i say all in HQ unit get the speical ablity Please set me right here so I know

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Lorenzo Canapicchi wrote:
>Matthew McLane wrote:
>> >> I dont know.....no=
t every group in ww2 had them....only the jap's.
>> >> I was talking this o=
ver with a friend last night and he thought that the space
>> mariens shoul=
d have them. They are the ones that would see it as an honor and
>> all th=
at. My thought is that they should be speical troops of some sort. My
>> =
other idea is that they would take a few grechkin....who think that they fi=
>> food in holes....and then teach them and a plane smashing intot he gr=
ound >makes
>> a hole....and then put him in a plan. I dont know.
>Mhh I=
 think You don't know what a marine is supposed to be :o), a marine isn't
only a man (or a superman), he have some very very valuable implant in his =
>more than one, things that an apothecary must bring from a dead mari=
ne to a new
>one, loosing even a single complete marine is a tragedy for th=
e chapter 'couse
>you cannot create a substitute, a marine sacrifice his li=
fe only to save many
>other marine, not to strike enemy, is this the reason=
 why a marine try to save
>always a brother.

You could just reprogram=
 the Servitors who operate the Chapter's support equipment. :-)

end - Jon =

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