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From: Alan Ninatoski <starshipal_at_...>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 23:45:18 -0400

Tzeentch wrote:
> > As to the below-normal-intelligence units like Beastmen and Trolls
> (Madboyz,
> > Gretchin, Ogres may be other examples), we may perhaps define more
> > restrictions like +1D6 scatter, unless the observing has been done by the
> > more intelligent company commanders (in the case of Beastmen, these are
> > human). I believe Ken have also suggested some time ago that observing
> > should be restricted to platoon and/or company HQs. Have we passed it as a
> > rule?
> Don't believe we have but it makes sense to me from what I know and seen of
> infantry tactics (afraid I'm not a grunt so don't deal with this daily). The
> average Corporal in the Corps can call for fire (hell I could do it) so
> perhaps limit it to Elite and command units. Or maybe add some additional
> training levels other then elite? Perhaps Untrained where they can't be used
> as spotters and suck vs titans (makes sense to me). Would cut down on
> special rules since its just one notation.
> What's about Jennifer Love Hewitt (I Know What You Did Last Summer) Now THAT
> chick is a hottie! Or that cutie who played Tatum in Scream (Rose McGowan)?
> :) Cindy is sooooo overplayed.
> Ken
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> > Birol
> >
> > Personal note: I've promised to finish the new and improved formula soon,
> > but I've just started in my new job which demands a lot of time and energy
> > in the first few weeks, so I've delayed. Sorry for that, but I'll try to
> > make it up and finish it in a couple of weeks or so.
> >
> > Note to Simon: The cover page will be ready in time (you've suggested it
> to
> > have Cindy Crawford in it, right?)
> >
> >
> >
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Question on Eldar Knights what save do you use.You have the holo field
save and when you look at stats on eldar knights in eldar net epic you
have a totally different save? Dazed and Confused?

Also another question what happens when 2 eldar players play each other
and they both have Avatars.Can there be 2 Avatars and would they fight
each other?
Thanks all

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