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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 18:30:23 -0700

Some idle thoughts here:

1. I believe we should drop the assumption that NetEpic players would have
experience with the other games in the Epic line. I'm getting too many
emails asking how to base their units to assume they have played Space
Marine or Epic 40,000. To this end 4.0 should (and will) have a section with
basing instructions, components they will need, and information of that
sort. I'm also going to try and throw a bone to players of all the editions
by suggesting E40K style basing for personalities and command units and the
old square bases for line troops. Some suggestions on making your own bases
for infantry would also be worthwhile since for some people they will be in
very short supply.

2. Rules organization. Overall the NetEpic rules are pretty well organized
(simply put its not a complex game) but better organization of the special
rules (especially moving the Flyer rules to their own section) should reduce
the clutter. And of course we have the extensive Q&A and errata that has
recently been generated on the list (yes, Deathstrikes will be fixed in
4.0). Race/force specific information will be moved to guess what, the
individual army books. A compilation of as many special rules as possible
into the main rules will be a big project but I think special rules are here
to stay in NetEpic (nature of the beast).

3. Less units. There are way to many different units in NetEpic. Not
necessarily a bad thing but it has been taken to something of an extreme.
Moving a lot of the fringe units to the optional rules booklet and combining
others seems like a good way of cutting down on what many see as a drawback
of NetEpic. Combining weapons stats and making them more in line with each
other is another obvious move (ie standardizing vehicle bolters). Again, not
to the extreme of E40Ks "Death Rays" and "Big Shootas" but you get the idea.

Rulebook Organization
I've dropped the idea of numbered rules since it's frankly not worth the
effort (believe me!) and it looks way too cluttered. I'm going to take a
page from GW and generally use their standard organization.


Oh yeah, and welcome to the 21st century. Hope you like your stay.

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