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From: Peter Ramos <pramos1_at_...>
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 09:29:50 +0000


B.Kuepper_at_... wrote:

> hello....
> i am calling from germany ....
> last weekend i did play a siege scenario.....
> imperial guard (defender) squats (attacker)
> my opponent want to surface the mole�s etc. in the first movement round
> in my deployment zone....he thinks the mole�s travel the distance before
> the game...
> at this point we start a discussion ......
> i think the mole�s etc. start their movement in the deployment zone of
> the attacker
> under (not surfaced) their transport and guidance vehicle�s ......

Your friend has the right interpretation. All tunnelers travel the distance
before the battle begins ans then surface during the turn of the players
choice. Remember however that if you are on first fire orders you may snap
fire at them before they disembark to destroy it. This is the risk they take.
Its wiser to try to disembark out of the enemies line of sight.

> .....is their anybody who could brind light into the darkness????
> another point is the saving throw of the transport vehicle�s ....

Good question, assume the transport has the same save as the tunneler, in case
of the hellbore give the transport a save of +1.

> burkhard k�pper
> b.kuepper_at_...
> germany
> P.S.: We discovered the netepic project last
> weekend....congratulations....it�s great...
> Is their anybody with ne siege rules?

Some rules for siege were incorporated into the net epic core rules. Perhaps
it would be nice to expand them.


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