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Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 23:23:57 -0700


I played my first game of NetEpic the other day, it's a very nice game = ). Well I have a couple questions. I was using the rules Flak and Airstrike from Incoming #1 for my air stuff. Well my friend was the Imperials and I had a Vampyre full of Harlequins and dropped them next to his Arty, now can my transport fire using the basic fighter strafing rules on the way down?

Also, can tunnelers (still underground) hold objective points? I didn't think they could since they can't physically block my troops from reaching the Obj. but who knows, that's why I came here.

Also with tunnelers what does it mean when you want to surface one? It says if you have direct line of sight to the point of surfacing. Now since it is underground how would you determine if it had LOS?

Also, I have some questions about Preatorions, when you fire at them do you look at the template and choose a visible spot and then roll for scatter?

Well I guess I had more to ask than about my Flying Trans. Thanks for your time.



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