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Your solution is a simple one, though perhaps not one you can use.

Don't use mixed forces. Space Marines fight Eldar, not fight with them. If I understand your question correctly you're fighting a 5000 point force made up of 2 Warlords backed by Imperial Guard artillery defended by Space Marines all in support of a lightning fast Eldar host. If this is the case no wonder you've lost six times! Guess what? You're going to keep losing until you fight a force that fights the "real" way it should. 5000 points of Marines vs. 5000 Eldar is a good (FAIR) fight. 5000 points of Marines vs. a 5000 points of the best of Eldar, Marines and Imperial Guard is a massacre against the Marines.

If you must fight this kind of battle, here is what you should try to win.

1. Get another Titan or use none at all. You'll either need to match the Warlords (to neutralize them) or go to ground with no titan. This will expose your artillery, but with more of them it can take too long for your opponent to destroy them all and give you a chance to win.
2. Pick your battles. The Eldar aren't very good at attacking dug-in Marines. They have to come out to attack and when they do...
3. If your opponent can used a "best of breed" force then you should too. Try adding a few Tyranids to your force. Their air and Titan forces could swing the battle. A few Eldar of your own would also help. I don't see Chaos being a big help, but it could through your opponent off his game.
4. Go to the air. Imperial Guard fighters and bombers, Thunder Hawks packed with Marines to start then providing close in air support can be a real winner in many scenarios. Plus it doesn't sound like you're fighting a force with much air cover.
5. Can you say "Death-Strike Missiles"? Buy them, use them. This tactic will either even the game so you can play fairly or end the game quickly since you know your opponent's first attack will be against these targets. And use that thought to plan accordingly.

Good luck fellow Marine.
May your bolter always fire true,
And your chain sword cut clean.

Noel Fox
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HI� I�m new here, and I need more help.
I have 5000 space marine pts. with imperial guard artillery,and 1 warlord,
and I often fight against 5000 pts. of eldar fighter, 2 warlords, imperial
artillery,and few space marines.AND I NEED INFORMATION ABOUT HOW I CAN TO
DESTROY THEM��� I have losed the 6 last battles, and need new tactics,or
anything that I can use against them.thanks.

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