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Wow, I thought I was the only one playing Epic 40K on paper!
I'd suggest every hex represents 5cm then allow only one unit per hex. This
works for me and it even speeds up the game. Every measurement is basically
divisible by 5 so you wouldn't need to actually change anything. Even
sighting is easy if you use center of the hex as start and end points for
objects (either they are or aren't in based on center of the hex) and the
hexes themselves offer insight if you use them like you would in Star Fleet
I would like to see nicer icons though. While NATO symbols could work for
me (former Marine) part of the love of the game(s) is the look. How about
something along the lines of those used in White Dwarf when they write up
battle reports?
O.K. so sign me up. What is this Cyberboard program you talk about? How
much and where do I get it?
Let me know. I travel a lot and a good PBM / PBI / PBE game would be truly
great. Especially for a game I already love.

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Would anyone be interested in playing Netepic/E40K via PBM, with Cyberboard
I'm currently working on NATO-style markers for epic. The game would need
some changes to fit into hexes, but it should still be fun.

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