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From: David L. Dunn <mactanner_at_...>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 14:33:49 -0500

I do not know who this person is, but let me clue you, sir, I will use that
term loosely,
I have just filed a complaint with the FCC, (it helps to have friends) I
believe this is considered harassment through the internet, which is a federal
offense.....they will be in touch with you shortly......I don't appreciate
having to put up with that kind of crap overthe internet from people who, A) I
don't know and do not know me
and B) I don't care about
Have a nice day!

Gary Taylor wrote:

> To Weasel, Kelvin and whoever else mails me from you're Email Address!
> Stop Fucking Emailing me!!! this Sad Fucked up Computer Game you keep going
> on about does not interest me in the slightest.
> If you and you're socially retarded buddies want to fuck each other up the
> ass over this sort of sad game you keep going on about that is fine by me.
> Goodbye you losers
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