[NetEpic ML] Internet Offensive actions

From: Jonathan Howell-Jones <jonathan.howell-jones_at_...>
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 20:18:40 +0100

I was disturbed but not surprised to read the language written by Mr Taylor earlier. I work for the Financial Times and write about Internet Crime, and these comments can be classed as such in America but not necessarily elsewhere in the World.

Please note that the reason I am not surprised is due to the fact that there are a series of cracker groups who make a habit of attacking groups such as ours and do it for "fun." As far as I know, everyone who accesses this site acts as ladies and gentlemen and have been above reproach.

While it will be impossible to stamp out such actions I have investigated new technologies that will help drastically reduce such behaviour. Please contact your local Internet regulator or the ISP provider for the person who sends such offensive emails. Especially if it is a work email I am sure their employers or ISPs would be interested to hear about such actions...

Please email me if you want to find out more about dealing with such offensive actions.

yours aye

Jonathan Howell-Jones
Editor - Security& Fraud
Financial Times Telecoms
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