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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:37:35 +0000


In reality epic and 40k though have much in common have a lot of difference too and
correlation is not 1 to 1. Besides the tech differences cited by Lorenzo, its also that
eldar use more targeters on thier vehicles than marines. While marines are good shots
their inferior equipment doesn't help them much. While eldar are fair shots but have
superior targeters and equipment make their weapns more lethal. Note the difference may
be explained also by the "accuracy" of the eldar by hitting more vital areas of a target
than just hitting it. The marines may hit more times than the eldar but the eldar hit
where it count and do more damage. All these reasons are of course speculative and
vaguely extracted from the background.


Robert Heitkamp wrote:

> Lorenzo Canapicchi wrote:
> > Eldars are better in Technology applications and you can also think as
> > an Eldar Lascannon like something really different from an Imperium
> > Lascannon, just like the difference from WraithBone or plasteel and
> > Imperium Iron and steel.
> I understand the technological differences between imperial and eldar weapons, but
> it doesn't quite explain the significantly better chance the eldar have to kill
> units in NetEpic. In W40K, the eldar weapons are somewhat superior than space
> marines, but their inability to hit really reduces their effectiveness (eldar
> vehicle crews are guardians firing with BS of 3 vs. space marines BS of 4).
> In NetEpic (assuming front armor hits):
> An eldar peregrine grav tank has a 33% chance to kill a space marine predator tank
> (with 1 shot from its lascannon).
> -- Hit on a 4+ with a TSM of -2 against 3+ armor.
> -- 50% Chance to hit, with a 66% chance for predator to fail armor save.
> A space marine predator tank has a 16% chance to kill an eldar peregrine grav tank
> (with 1 shot from its lascannon).
> -- Hit on a 5+ with a TSM of -1 against 3+ armor.
> -- 33% chance to hit, with a 50% chance for peregrine to fail armor save.
> The eldar has twice the chance of killing the predator tank, but each tank costs
> about 66pts each (200pts for 3).
> If the peregrine was twice the cost (or more for skimmer bonuses) of the predator,
> it would make more sense.
> In W40K 3rd Edition:
> An eldar falcon (peregrine in NetEpic) grav tank has a 37% chance to roll for damage
> on the predator.
> -- To hit 4+ (twin linked), Str 8 against 12 armor (bright lance max armor).
> -- 75% chance to hit (twin linked shot) with a 50% chance to get a glance or better
> penetration result.
> A space marine predator tank has an 59% chance to roll for damage on the falcon.
> -- To hit 3+ (twin linked), Str 9 againsr 12 armor.
> -- 88% chance to hit (twin linked shot) with a 66% chance to get a glance or better
> penetration result.
> In W40K 2nd Edition:
> I can't rember all the data, although I'm positive space marines come out ahead.
> I know other factors can come into play that can affect the results, but in the W40K
> universe, a predator tank marginally outclasses an eldar falcon, and in the NetEpic
> universe, the peregrine seriously outclasses the predator (for the same points).
> Was this:
> an intentional design?
> based on old SM/TL rules?
> a mistake?
> some other reason?
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