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Hey thats good information, thanks! What does WYSIWYG mean?

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> Thanks for that advice, I'd love to take it, however at the present I
>lack the models. When I was playing five years ago I had the largest
>collection of Epic minatures I had ever encountered. I provided models for
>all my friends and had most of the forces availible at the time and
>collected for all the armies (for example, I own all the armies on the
>save for Tyranids which didn't exist ouside of Space Hulk at that time). I
>own twenty Warlord Titians, Seven Phantoms, a Warlock, an literally
>thousands of other minatures for all the armies, however I lack the newer

I know the feeling. I like to play with the right models myself. Call me
strange, but WYSIWYG just feels right.

> I'm looking for some of the newer models on the net, however since I
>found out at my local hobby store that the game hasn't been produced for
>over three years I am not likely to have those AA guns and cool air units
>any time soon. Thanks though!

The Eldar AA cannon (called the "Firestorm") and the three Eldar flyers
(the "Nightwing" interceptor, "Phoenix" bomber and "Vampire" transport)
should all still be available from GW Mail Order (I could probably find the
part numbers for you in my old White Dwarfs). The game has not be
available in stores for quite some time, but I believe the miniatures are
all still available from Mail Order. It couldn't hurt to call them and ask!


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