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Very true. Unfortunately GW left the door open when they created the game to
bring allies and chaos to use some Imperial equipment, all this without any

The list of allowed chaos equipment was voted on by the original members of
thenet epic list and passed without a hitch.

I would suggest (as i always do) to not use or ban whatever equipment you
think a particular army shouldn't use or playtest it yourself to see the
actual results for you.

One thing is very clear to me, netepic seems to need another revision, where
everything is open to debate once again. I beleive this is what we will
tackle in the uipcoming new year.

It will be a major task but there are 180+ people on this list and sounds
like many are interrested in such a project.

If there is interest..well now the time to express it so the ground work may
be layed.

Note that the revision will be total, if the majority feels whole rules need
be changed we will do it. if a whole different game comes out so be it. I
suggest everyone start to accumulate all those ideas that you have swirling
around in your heads, it will be very intereting to see.


Sounds interesting. Maybe I even get some ideas :)


Jyrki Saari
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