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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 19:34:11 -0600

  Hey, good idea.
  would use chimera or rhino transports for SM, rhino or moles for Squats,
eldar?(would they even use them?), orcs-don't needs 'em
 add 50 pts for transports then i'd say there good to go
              as far as the too hit rolls, i'd say 5+ at best
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> It was suggested a while ago that if I (in some vain attempt) were to
> come up with some rules for Combat Engineers in Netepic, then someone
> would look them over and perhaps take the rules into consideration. I
> am making a distinction between ordinary engineers (as in the rules)
> and combat (or assault) engineers. The reason for a new unit that
> already seems to be catered for by assault units? Simple plain variety
> and a sort of adherence to historical origins (or adaptability). So
> without further ado, here goes.
> For this example, I will use the Imperial Guard as a background for a
> combat engineer unit.
> Unit type: Imperial Guard Combat (assault) Engineers
> Move: 10cm (Ordinary groundpounders)
> Armour: None (Flak jackets)
> CAF: +2 (maybe +3, but that seems excessive)
> Weapons: A small selection of flame-throwers, satchel charges,
> phosphorous, offensive and defensive grenades,
> rifles, pistols, other close combat weaponary and anti-tank
> weaponary (As per a mixture of equipment tables of
> German/American/Commonwealth assault engineers).
> Attack dice: 1 (maybe 2)
> Range: 20cm (a lot of this stuff doesn't have an extreme range.)
> To hit: 4+ (It's easier to hit a target with a flame-thrower as opposed
> to a pistol.)
> Save modifier: -2 (anti-tank weaponary such as offensive grenades and
> satchel charges are quite nasty if well used.)
> Size of unit: 5 stands
> Morale: 3 (more highly motivated than ordinary guardsmen.)
> Break point: 3
> Cost of unit: 250
> Special Rules: Ignore cover modifiers. Engineer abilities (laying and
> clearing minefields, placing and defusing explosive charges, et cetera).
> Other notes: Could be modified to have transport provided with a dues
> comparative increase in unit cost.
> This formula could be applied to other races as well (although in some
> cases it quite doesn't seem to fit in).
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