[NetEpic ML] bolters on tanks

From: Damian Miller <damianmiller_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:32:27 -0600

    with all the discussion on defensive bolters(range 15cm/ 6+ to hit), these are two copula mounted bolt guns on a rhino(example ). even in 40K they are at best inadequate for most assualt situations. I f your being charged you can get off a few shots, but even if you do, you cant really hose down an area as you would want. If you are charging then you get to react a little better to what your firing at. At best you still are unlikley to hit anything major or do much damage. Just keep their heads down.
    Now if you want to design a new anti-infantry tank with lots of computerized controls and few crew, then go ahead, but in general the short range bolters aren't going to be much good for anything.
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