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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 08:17:42 +0100

>A: Keep current NetEpic rules (psykers can pick a power to cast each turn
>from a list of 3)


>A: No firefights


>B: Heresy style (units have morale levels and when failing a morale check
>they drop a level. Perhaps more conditions for checks should be added to
>make this change significant)

>B: Use system akin to E40K (blast markers)

>Super heavy units:

>B: Use detailed rules (1 table for each super-heavy
>Smoke / blind cover:
>In real life and 40K2 many units carry smoke grenades to lay down smoke
>screens during battle. This could be incorporated in NetEpic for added
>realism and expanded tactical possibilities. It adds complexity though.
>A: No smoke screens
>B: Units with smoke / blind capacity can use their grenades to add a -1
>to-hit penalty to themselves.
>B1: As B but unit may not charge

>Effects of smoke / blind screen templates (If used):
>A: -1 to-hit penalty
>Assault resolution:

>D: If a unit suffers more casualties than it causes, it must pass a morale
>test. If failed the unit falls back as per normal rules
>E: As D but failing cause the unit to retreat only once. The unit is not on
>fall back orders next turn
>F: As E but unit is only forced back 10 cm. Victors may advance up to 10
>In 40K3 a unit falling back into an enemy unit are roasted. The same
>in E40K.
>B: Units falling back into an enemy unit are destroyed

>In Adeptus Titanicus infantry could regroup. This gave them a chance to
>patch up their numbers by forming ad hoc squads out of survivors, treating
>the wounded etc.
>Vote on more than one if you feel like it

>B: Units on regroup orders recover lost models on 6+
>Models not recovered are removed from the game and can no longer be
>E: Regrouping units get a second chance to rally.
>F: Regrouping units may move up to half their movement

>Which models can regroup?:

>A: Infantry only
>B: Infantry and cavalry only

>Digging in:

>B: Units digging in can place a number of trench or foxhole sections on the
>board as nescesary to cover the unit. These sections remain on the table
>after the unit moves.
>C: Units digging in must spend an additional turn to establish trenches.

>Stealth orders A.K.A. sneaking:

>B: Units on stealth orders may move a normal move and cannot shoot. They
>the benefits of -1 to-hit if fired at
>C: As B but instead of hit penalty, the unit may not be fired upon, at
>distances greater than 25 cm.

>Combat phase order:
>Currently the combat phase places close combat before advance fire. While
>this can make sense it also makes life difficult for assault units as they
>can rip their enemy apart and then get blown to bits. On the other hand,
>assaulting a well-supported enemy is bound to hurt...
>A: Keep current turn sequence

>Movement phase order:
>There are two systems for determining the order in the movement phase

>B: Old system where all units falling back move first. Then move units
>charging and finally advancing units.

>Titan anti-personnel weapons:

>B: Give each titan a single AP weapon (1-2 attacks hitting on 4+ or 5+.
>Range about 50 cm. Allround fire arc or at least 180 to the front)

>D: Other This weapon should fire on first fire always, as the defence
bolters on the Imperator in TL/SM
>Company missions:

>C: Missions for companies as well
>Transport orders:

keep as it is

>Using tanks for cover:
>An optional rule from E40K (it was presented in a Citadel Journal) allowed
>infantry to take cover behind tanks.
>This sounds reasonable but might prove too bothersome

>C: Infantry in cover behind a tank can transfer any hit to the tank on 4+
>D: If a tank being used for cover is charged, the infantry can "absorb" the
>charge instead

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