[NetEpic ML] Re: Debbie does NetEpic

From: Peter Ramos <pramos_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 11:22:17 +0000


Before this gets out of hand I'd like to say there has been a rash of people on
this and other lists that subscribe just send annoying letters that they want
off the list.

This Debbies tone and manner of "requesting" of the list were boorish and
inappropriate. There are proper ways to request such information without
ranting and sending multiple e-mails all saying the same thing.

As far as I am concerned this "debbie" person was yanking our collective chains
for a laugh and got what "she" deserved.

I would appreciate not to call "ignorant" or any other epithet to anyone on
this list. One thing that has characterized our endevours is the willingness to
cooperate with each other and avoid flame wars.

What Tzeentch did was with my approval since we have confronted these type of
"trolls" before and they will NOT be tolerated in any shape or form. When you
need info of this type you ask politely and with one message, not ranting and
flooding the list with inane posts. That is the manner of a mature person. If
this Debbie is incapable of this through age or personality flaws that is not a
problem I am concerned with or will deal with.

I beleive you should apologize for hasty remarks since NONE of the senior
members of the net epic diesign team have ever been out of line for misconduct
or acting in trollish manner. This "Debbie" did this to get a laugh and sow
animosity, let us not reward her childish manner.

Having said this I consider this issue close and further persons who act as
"debbie" did will be summarily expulsed from the list. I have no time or
pateince for such dollards. This matter is at a CLOSE.

Now back to fun and interesting discussions.


Darius \"Dman\" Spano wrote:

> Tzeentch whatever you name is,
> I hope you have read the response that Markus Lesny gave regarding Debbie.
> I enjoy the egroup and scan the mails to see if there are any ideas my
> gaming group can use to better the game. What I don't enjoy is someone, in
> this case many people having a go at someone because they want to
> unsubscribe and maybe don't know how. Not all of us can spend hours a day
> mastering the computer (I check my mailevery few days)and that gives you no
> right to insult her. You are an ignorant individual and owe her an apology.
> To the rest of the group I look forward to seeing more ideas for Net Epic,
> Heresy or Space Marine. Happy holidays.
> Thanks,
> Darius
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