[NetEpic ML] Re: What exactly are Squats?

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Not, really.

They are humans who where cut off from the rest of humanity for thousands of
years until they were rediscovered. By that time they had "adapted" to
their new world to the point they now are. In WH40K (which does not have
Squats, but at one time had some units under the IG. Anyone else remember
the bikers?) you still have Halfling snipers and Ogren assault units. All
are still considered "base human seed" even though they are deviants, though
tolerable for their benefit to the Empire. As I understand it, Squats in
Epic just see themselves as now being their own Empire.

Hope I have all the "facts" right for you.

Enjoy and keep the faith.

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What exactly are Squats?

they are kind of like Dwarfs in Fantacy. AmI right, or way off?


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