[NetEpic ML] Re: What's the best way to paint?

From: Dan Lobb <danlobb_at_...>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 13:29:36 -0600

Hi Dave:

Someone may have answered this to your satisfaction already, but I use a
cheap polystyrene to polystyrene cement called "Testors" for gluing the
plasting infantry to bases. I put a drop in each hole, let it sit a bit,
not more than a minute, then plug the figure in with a bit of a twist each
way and find the fit to be snug but manageable. The cement reacts to the
plastic so it becomes soft. You dont want to use too much, because it will
bubble up around the figure.

I generally paint my figures on the sprues. I spray paint a base coat then
I do then assemly line method of painting with one color at a time. I find
it is easiest to work on them over a period of days. That way I don't get
any bleed through from different colors. For the figures that need more
detail, I will touch up after I remove them, but you can usually give them
a bit of a twist without removing them from the sprue for full access.

I paint the bases once before putting the minis in then I touch up after
they dry. I don't flock the line infantry stands very much anymore, but I
would flock them before attaching the minis. Again , I would touch them up

I have alot of patience though. I painted a Snakebite Clan where no two
figures have the exact same colors, they are suppose to be scavengers so...
I figured they should all have odd bits of different colors. Marines have
less detail for me though, they generally get black weapons, one or two
Chapter colors, and some sort of badging pattern on the shoulder pads.

I hope this helps,


>I've tried that method, but had a problem. The bases on the figures did
>not fit into the holes in the square stands after painting. I had to
>trim the paint from the bases.
>That brings up another question, when do you paint the base?
>With the figures in?
>Do you glue the figures to the base, spay paint, detail figs, glue flock
>to the base?
>Or paint the figs off the base, glue fig to the base, paint the base,
>glue flock.
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