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From: Weasel Fierce <septimus__at_...>
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 1999 23:16:32 PST

>Agreed, I really didn't know if to emulate the marines form current epic
>heavy weapons) or just bolter toting marines. I guess I'll switch them to
>with bolters but with a better accuracy since these guys are better than
>standard marines. Up to now all marines are dedicated to some power, I will
>include generic marines as well as the bulk of your ideas and Ken's in
>additional suplement later since htere is so much you can do with chaos. Of
>course any one wishing to use standard marines need but use the smae stats
>wihout any special powers.

well, I kinda like the idea with different chaos armies....it is very

But my best idea for this chaos list would be 2 different types of traitor.
1 with heavy gunz and 1 with special wepaons (I suppose that traitors would
get hold of quite a bunch of plasmas etc. during the long war) they would
count as bolters except being all purpose.

I have done a little playtesting on the anti-armour-fire rule and it works
fine. It is not a really great chance for the grunts but they get the chance
they deserve.

Good rule

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