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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 23:16:11 -0800

I've been reading the previous repsonses to this issue and have a
few things to say, as usual. :)

First off, I used to play Epic years ago when, I would agree, titans
were easily destoyed by a handfull of chaos infantry. Those chaos
cards can really add up! But I think the anti-infantry defense system
and ramming for vehiches has completly wiped out the close combat short
commings of the titans. Titans are now the awsome beasts they should
be, when fighting up close. I really think the Founders of Net Epic
should be thanked for making these much needed changes.

For the last month, I've been playing Net Epic, and using the Net Epic
rules. For the most part, I really LOVE them. They retain the
brilliance and ballance of the Games Workshops 2nd edition rules, while
addressing most of the short commings. I've played many, many games
over the past years. When I had a chance to game again, I chose Net
Epic! I guess I'm "New Blood" with a little bit of "Old".

I think we all agree that each army, played on it's own, without allies
is pretty well ballanced against any other army. Yet each army has it's
own flavor, abilities and weaknesses. Name any other game system that
does as well, with as many varied units!

Last weekend my pals and I played a 6000 pt. battle. Orks vs. Marine.
I played Ork, and selected a Great Gargant Mob, they chose Marines with
a Warlord and two Warhounds. They're new to the game, but learning very

The Warlord got off the first shot with a warp missle. He fired towards
my middle Boss Gargant, hoping to kill a Gargant and disrupt the chain
of command. The missle was aimed at the Boiller, but instead hit the
Gut Buster. The Gut Buster blew, and caused a chain reaction in the
boiler. Lucky for me, it only started one fire, it could have started
three, which would have eventually killed the Gargant as the fires went
out of control.

I responded, by firing the the Gut Buster of my left Gargant. I lucked
out, and hit his Warlord with out scattering. All the shields went down.
The left leg was crippled. No more running or skipping for that guy.
Two of the other weapons scored a hit, but bounced off the armor.

My right Snapper Gargant fired it's two Ripper Arms and scored a reactor
hit. In the end phase, The Warlord repaired the reactor, and brought 3
shields back up. The Great Gargant put out the fire.

All through the turn, pesky infantry would fire at my gargants, some
shots getting by the fickering shields. One such shot, hit the boiler
of my Snapper Gargant.

Turn two, my opponent realized he had forgotten about my Wierd Boy
Tower, and sent in a Scout ladden Thunderhawk. After rolling, to see if
the Boy blew up, I allocated three shots into the Thunderhawk and the
rest of the shots to the Warlord. The Thunderhawk blew up of course,
but its sacrifice ensured the Warlords survival. Because the Wierd Boy
was forced to snap fire, only three shots hit. All the shield went down
on the Warlord, but no internals.

Later on in the turn, my Shokk Attack gun scored a lucky hit on the
Warlords Head, It could now only fire on a 4-6. One of my Gargants
caused a reactor hit, again.

The Warlord rolled for his brain hit, then fired his weapons. None
penetated the flickering Gargant shields. In the End Phase the skilled
titan crew failed to repair the reactor, and the brave Warlord perished.

The battle above, illustrates the excitment of playing with titans.
Do thsese mighty beasts have thier limits? Sure they do. But I think
they have plenty of toughness. Most of the battles I've played, titans
have done pretty well. Sometimes they go up with a lucky hit, but most
times, they endure heavy punishnent before dying.

I would agree, however, that whoever designed the Warlord, picked a
terrible place to put the reactor! ;-0

Warprat (Dave)
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