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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 17:00:47 -0600


> After playing NetEpic, I'm not completely happy with the rules. Nor am I
> happy with the 2nd edition rules. There are several features of the 1st
> Edition Rules I really like, such as the separate to hit / damage rules
> infantry and vehicles.
Heheh, welcome to the club! That is exactly why Ken and I are creating
Heresy. Space marine is a good simple game but there are many things than
decrease its tactical value.

> The biggest let-down with the 2nd Edition Rules (and NetEpic) is how short
> the games are. I can't see how you can play a game that will only last 2-3
> turns and expect to really get much of a strategic experience out of it.
> seems that the entire game is based on the initial deployment and a few
> rolls. Don't flame me for this as I don't want to start an argument about
> the faults of any particular system. We each want something different out
> the rules and what works for one person doesn't work for another.
You are right on the money, space marine games last an average of 2-3 turns
with games involving tyranids lasting up to four turns. More often times
than not the game ends because the VP total is reached not because a
desicive clear cut victor has been established. The strategic experience is
definately reduced because of it.

Don't worry about flames since you will find supporters of new systems here
aplenty, heck senior netepic members ARE tweakers of rules by nature and we
are always wondering how to modify rules.

> I'm in the process of writing up a modified set of rules (as is everyone
> seems) that will incorporate the best of the 1st and 2nd edition rules as
> well as NetEpic. I was originally basing my rules on Advanced Squad Leader
> (Avalon Hill), but decided I really don't have the time to convert all the
> Epic units to the ASL system, so I'm just making minor changes to the
> Marine rules instead. I just needed some information on how to organize
> rules I have, and I appreciate the feedback you have given me.
I'd love to see them, in fact post them here so as to pinpoint problems and
solutions, heck if its really well licked you might be drafted into being
its coordinator to make it a full fledged game supported by all us net epic

One of the most gratifying things is to talk about new rule designs and how
to better them, you'll find out that outside input into any game design is
key. The Heresy rules are much better now than what I had originally wrote
them to be and the playtest input has been crucial to its viability.

I would also encourage you to post stuff as you write it since its easier to
edit and change your game as input dictates.

You're in good company since Ken and myself fancy ourselves as fledgling
game designers and nothing pleases us more than meeting people with a
similar drive.

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