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From: K Wilding <kwildi_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 09:40:28 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)

> > I don't like the way this infantry save business is going for a couple
> > reasons.
> >
> > 1. Its another dice roll if infantry have saves against most weapons.

Yep - one of the great things about Epic was the lack of successive dice roles. Starting off
on WHFB, I was used to rolls to hit, wound, save, possibly with magic chucked in somewhere,
followed by morale rolls, random fleeing distances and so on. The 'I hit you, you die'
approach to Epic is great, and rare in GW games.

> > My suggestion; don't give infantry saves, make any weapon classified as
> > anti-tank have a -1 to hit them. Since this whole thing was mainly brought
> > up to make terminators harder, why not classify terminators as hard targets
> > (if we are going with the soft/hard target system)? That way you would have
> > to shoot at them with anti-tank weapons to hurt them. That should toughen
> > them up a bit.

Yep, good ideas. A -1 is an easy to remember factor to consider. However, might be a pain
trying to decide which weapons WOULD affect a dispersed infantry stand - a pulsar surely, but
not a lascannon. How about plasma weapons? Probably. Etc etc

> I see it as a good thing. These units have some armor,

Yes, but hardly the same as even a rhino! Termies SHOULD be tough, but I would argue that
other infantry, even with armour, shouldn't get special treatment. A weapon designed to smash
super heavies just isn't going to worry about power armour, and saves against infantry weapon
is just going to slow things down. They're INFANTRY, and they're soft. I'm not saying useless
by any means, but you've just got to play sneaky with them.

The idea of sorting out which stands are 'hard' and 'soft' is going to be a pain, don't you
think? How many types of stand are there? Getting on for 60 I guess...

> > I am one hundred percent behind this suggestion. Why have the weapon
> > locations got the same save as the reactor!?!?!?

This is mainly about that imperial titan which can be hit in the reactor on the front
template yeah? I thought that was an intentional design flaw or summat? I'm sure I read it in
the fluff someplace...
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