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>On 13 Dec 99, at 18:06, Lorenzo Canapicchi wrote:
> > Tzeentch wrote:
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> > > No Heroes in Epic!
> >
> > Maybe I repeat myself but the question about heroes isn't heroes, but
> > what you allow heroes to do.
From a game balance perspective, you're right. But even balanced,
>they would still grate on my "wargaming sensibility", so to speak.
>A single man should NOT have any significant effect in a major
>battle. Unless we're speaking of the commander and his
>decisions... but this is the realm of the player, not of some special

well, the 40K universe is still a place of heroes and legend....the best 40K
fluff I have ever read was the part in the old Horus Heresy boardgame with
the emperor..

it showed off wonderfully how the emeperor, mighty as he were, were still

Gives much more reality to the game than some of the peoples tendency to see
special characters as a bunch of cool rules. Check out the second edition
chaos codex for 40K for more of this. The special characters show hyow
diverse a chaos follower can be from his brother in arms.

That is their main role.

I think characters llike that are wonderfull, but reserve them for special
scenarios and cmapaigns which tehy deserve

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