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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 07:19:35 GMT

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>hi, Pete
> after scanning my 1x10'''' emails, i am overcome by the number of
>whiners out there. Infantry dont get a save or need one. if they did
>they would be even more powerful then tanks, or super heavies. The game
>i believe is about how you use and lose your forces. Not if you get a
>chance to save them with dumb luck. As many of us know the Epic system is
>for huge battles and dead units may not be dead, just out of commision.
>to give a save to a unit that doesn't get one completely changes how the
>game works. I play Squats, Marines and Orks, and any one of them would
>love a free saving throw. I mean ca'mon, think( or have nightmares) about
>squat infantry that will rise from the ground after you've gone to the
>trouble of mowing them down. I can see a desire for such a thing, but i
>see it a an unneccessary waste of time. Remember, just because you can do
>something doesn't always mean you should.

well, as it is now, marines, eldar aspects and termies are mown down by

I think this is out of character. While we might not go to 40K lengths I
would like to see infantry with some degree of survival chance

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