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> Well, I LOVE the Star Wars system. One of the Best role playing
> systems, besides Shadowrun, that I've ever played. I know they had
> a battles system, because I bought the rules. It wasn't too popular,
> however. Of course ANY thing Star Wars HAS to be GOOD, in my opinion.
> Could you list some more examples? Hero's are awsome in Star
> Wars, any
> thoughts there?
At the rebel side anyway...as for the imperium, I think a stormtrooper would
be like this:
Range: 10cm To hit 9+ (on d6. I don't think I ever saw a stormtrooper hit
ANYTHING in the movies.)
CAF: -2 (Beaten by Hobbit sized furballs with clubs) Save:none (the armor
never seemed to do them any good.) Morale: 6 (A lone charging Han Solo
scared off a whole squad).

When I read the Imperial Sourcebook for Star Wars RPG I found out that the
stormtrooper description had nothing to do with the clowntroopers in the

Poor Emperor Palpatine, a LEGION of his BEST men was decimated by little
furballs from Endor. :)

Jyrki Saari

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> Warprat
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