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Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 10:52:19 -0600


They make no further morale checks for being broken but they make checks versus other sources like demons or being assaulted in close combat while on fallback orders,etc. As of yet they take no further checks due to model loss (which we could change).

I completely agree that broken units should take more checks as they suffer more causualties, it makes it more realistic with minimal effort.

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  If anyone can give me a better idea to Morale checks please do so. Here is the scenario: A squad or clan is broken they must make their morale checks or go on fallback orders (I know this). The squad or clan is sucessful in making the morale check does this mean that they are immuned to further morale checks (except when daemons and tyranids are concerned)? Or do they need to take another morale check if they take more damage or loses? Also if a squad or clan failed the first morale check and fail to rally the following turn should they be considered as fleeing and removed from the game or routed if they are involved in CC? This puzzles me because you break a squad they pass the check keep on fighting but you inflict more casualties and they continue to fight without taking a second morale check. Shouldn't they have to take anoither morale check if they lose more units in the squad, say half of the remaining units in the squad? Let me know.

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