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I believe you are correct. Have you ever played the computer game Steel
Panthers? If you play the long campain, you can go through the entire
war. Computer game are GREAT for integrating all the charts, tables,
modifiers, etc... into a painless computer computation. Of course
there's nothing better than playing a real human opponent.

Anyway, as you no doubt know, the British had two types of tanks, the
heavy, slow, Matilda types (supported infantry), and the fast, fairly
lightly armored tanks, like the A series. Some of the fast tanks and
armored cars sported heavy machine guns, without the usual 2 pounder.
They escorted the tank destoyers. Machine guns are much better infantry
killers than HE rounds. Heavy machine guns could even destroy lightly
armored tanks and APC's, sometimes. But of course the British system
didn't fair to well, because it was too easy to isolate and destroy one
element or the other. Tanks without HE rounds were defenseless targets
for infantry and anti-tank guns. Later British tanks were quick to
include the HE rounds.

Those who do not learn the lessons of war are bound to repeat the
mistakes. :)


Brian Evans wrote:
> The only 'real world' Main Tank Gun I can think of that did not have a High
> Explosive (HE) Shell designed for it is: the British 2lbs. Gun. The HE
> shell is a fragmentary round that is used against infantry. It is made to
> explode upon impact and throw shell fragments in a wide area, just like HE
> Contact Artillery shells. All you have to do is get close and you have a
> chance of causing casualties. It has almost zero armor penetration
> capabilities, though.
> I am trying to find out what the SOP is, between HE rounds and Armor
> Penetrating (AP) rounds. My gut tells me that if mainly infantry are
> expected you would use 60% / 40%, HE to AP. If tanks were expected in
> numbers, the ratio would probably be 40% / 60%, HE to AP. I will try to
> find out what the SOP on this is and report back.
> Can anyone else think of a real world main tank gun that did not use HE
> shells?
> Brian A. Evans
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> > > JS: I don't think it is that simple. There has been discussion how hard
> it
> > > is to hit infantry with a 120mm cannon. Sure, if you use APFSDS it IS
> hard
> > > but who is stupid enough to do that? A HE round from a 120mm is another
> > > thing. Lascannon would probably have a hard time hitting infantry but a
> > > volcano cannon (defence laser) wouldn't. In AT/SM1 it used a template.
> So
> > I
> > > don't think a save modifier is a good measure of accuracy.
> >
> > Umm, huh. HE? What? Beehive flechette rounds maybe. But tank guns are not
> > designed to be used against infantry. The tracking systems in tanks are
> not
> > designed to be used against infantry and neither is the ammunition. If the
> > infantry is spread out you would be pretty lucky to take out a significant
> > part of the squad (the stand) with conventional tank rounds. That's why
> you
> > always pair tanks with infantry. Lone tanks=dead tanks.
> >
> > I don't remember defense lasers leaving a crater normally. You must be
> > thinking of the OPTIONAL rule where you could make craters with them
> > (covered in one of the WD articles).
> >
> > Ken
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