[NetEpic ML] Merry Xmas!!

From: Simon Dodds <sdodds_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 15:12:12 +1100

Well, its that time again. Are the years getting shorter or is that just me?

This has been another successful year for NetEpic as we near the end of our
3rd year (our birthday is on jan 12). And so i guess its time to take stock.

The last 12 months have shown a different change of tack, instead of the
frenetic growth of previous years, the game was allowed to mature based
simply on what was already there. This is partly because during a lot of
the year most of the major players were busy with Real World (TM)
commitments, but also because with the amount of material already available
on various sites around the net and with more people continually being
introduced to the game such expansion was not necessary.

To facilitate any new major ideas, Incoming! provided the ideal platform.
And to continue discussion and development of NetEpic, this public mailing
list was formed back in March, and now has 163 members and has almost
reached. In recent months, the level of activity on this mailing list has
been most impressive - i must admit that in the early days of this list i
had fears that it would fizzle out (i dont think i'm the only one there...)
but thankfully i was wrong

So whats planned for 2000? Assuming we're all still here (heh heh, just
kidding), next year should be pretty busy. The long-awaited Heresy will
most likely form the bulk of next year's work. In addition to this, there
is a lot of material that still needs to be sorted and released - all the
stuff that has been made on this mailing list. - that's going to take some
time, which is why i've been avoiding it, sorry people :-}

In short, we've had a good run this year, and we don't look like stopping
in a hurry

Once again, thanks to everyone out there for your support and for keeping
the project going. Don't forget to support the many and varied Epic sites
on the net - the people responsible for many of the top sites are on this
mailing list too - they are essentially the only source of new Epic
material and player support there is these days.

So Merry Xmas and Happy 2000! Party hard wherever you are!


Simon Dodds
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