[NetEpic ML] Re: heresy bug hunting

From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 18:30:38 -0600


> >One option is to make archaic troops like gretchin NOT be able to target
> >stealth units. That way only troops with tech for targetting may do it. I
> >will add this to the archaic troops skill.
> >
> >Peter
> I suppose you are right. I most respectfully bow for your divine wisdom

hehe, dont worry my extensive testing starting this weekend, will try to
find a way around this if possible.

> By the way....one thing I have found through playtesting (more detail
> is that orks suffer quite badly from suppression. It is very easy to break
> up an ork assault force and annihilate them piecemeal.
> This is both unpleasant for the orks but also slightly out of character as
> orks generally dont mind being shot at.
> Perhaps give them a morale test to avoid suppression AND a check at the
> of turn to break it???? Of course it might just be fine as it is...just a
> thought anyway

Good thing you pointed this out I left out several rules regarding
suppression and different races.

Tyranids- immune to suppression
Demons- Immune to suppression
Orks- may be supressed but get no penalties to morale checks to remove it.
In other words its not worth trying to supress orks more than once since
they receive no penalties to their morale check to remove suppression, its
always a straight roll plus leadership bonus, thus they are VERY resilient
to suppression as compared to other races.

This has been added to the army lists.

I suppose this answers the irregularity you mentioned?

> But: Stompas certainly should be immune to suppression!!!! It is
> that 4 lascannon blasts can suppress a fullsize unit of bad ass stompas.

Ack, I promised Ken to include this but I didn't. I added to the suppression
rules the following: "any unit with more than one DR point is immune to

This means that knights super heavies and stompas and others are immune to

Does that cover it? Found any more errors? Let me know.

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