[NetEpic ML] Heresy bug hunting part II

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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 14:54:17 +0200

These were found in the Doc Vault version of Heresy:

If it is intended to keep the flyers on board, shouldn't they have some kind
of minimum movement? Or is it assumed that every flyer in 40k universe is a

Suppression example in p11: in the last line it still states that infanty
weapons suppress armor at half firepower even though it is at quarter

Assault combat p12: In the paragraph about determining the no. of hits the
text says something about a number in parenthesis even though the hits have
now their own column.

In the same page: the text states that a detachment failing a morale check
must retreat at their charge rate. I assume this is the assault rate. In the
voluntary retreat section it also tells to use charge rate.

Assault combat example p13: It tells about two marine assault detachments;
the example has tactical detachments.

Same example: It says that there is no need to designate the "soaking" unit
since both have same types of units but in the example the marine player has
rhinos and has designated them to take the punishment.

P14: About cover; it says that if the terrain feature is big enough for both
attacker and defender then both receive the bonuses. I assume this means
that if, for example, some enemy units INSIDE woods are assaulted then both
receive the bonuses. If, however, the defenders are at the EDGE of woods
then only defender receives the bonuses. Otherwise there is not much use of
being in woods unless the patch is REALLY small.

Same page: Assaulting units on prepared fire orders, it still says first
fire in the header.

P16, air combat example: it speaks about one squadron of four squadrons of
fighter bommerz. Since the total ork AV is 48, I suppose it should be 4
squadrons of 3 fighter bommerz.

Same example, it says that the total assault score for CHAOS is 48.

Marine armylist suggestion: Since Space Marines are supposed to be mobile I
suggest making the Rhinos part of the Infantry detachments or, if this is
too powerful, allow company commanders to attach 4 detachments instead of 3.
With the current system Marines are no better off with transports than
Imperial Guard: they must either buy a separate "Transport company" to
mechanize one company or have a company where one detachment is mechanized
and the other is footslogging.

Jyrki Saari
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