[NetEpic ML] Off-Topic: Talisman fans, hands up!

From: Simon Dodds <sdodds_at_...>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:41:03 +1100
Hello all,

I just got sent this bit of info.� It may be of interest to some of you.� I know I'm interested...



Best-selling fantasy board game, Talisman, is currently being developed for electronic medium. Random Games, Inc., a proven development house, seeks a publisher to join the team, and become a part of this history-making project.

Talisman, originally published by Games Workshop in 1983, has sold over 800,000 units, and has a devoted following (copies of the game and it's expansions sell on Ebay for many times their original purchase price.) Games Workshop has granted exclusive electronic development rights to Random Games, Inc.

A web site - http://www.randomgames.com/talisman, offers prospective partners the chance to see Random Games' vision for this project. The web site includes a downloadable demo movie, a copy of the Talisman CD proposal, screen shots from the development version of the game, and a list of features to be incorporated in the final electronic version.

Currently in development for the PC, Random has designed Talisman for easy translation to game consoles and other platforms. Talisman is planned for quarter 1, 2001 release.

Random seeks a publishing partner with cross-platform experience who is eager to participate in the completion of what promises to be one of the key fantasy game products of the new millennium.

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