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> As Peter said, propose it to the list and see what folks
think .Then remind me if I haven't added it to the army book as an
optional unit. I need to do better at that, so if you would list the
units I've missed I'd appreciate it.
> -Yar

Here's the Knight Warden, not by me:
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> The Wardens were present only in the SM1. They were slow; speed
half that of the Lancers (I guess 15cm in Net Epic would be
appropriate), didn't have a shock lance, their save was the same as
that of the Paladin (although their AR was better) and they were
armed with a battlecannon and two multilasers.
> SM1 stats:
> AR: 0
> Save: 3+
> Speed: 12/24
> BR: 180 (point value)
> Weapons:
> Battle Cannon (Swf1)
> Multi-Lasers (SwR1, SwL1)
> Suggested NetEpic stats:
> Move: 15cm
> Save: 2+
> CAF: +3
> Weapons
> Battle Cannon
> Range: 75cm
> Attack dice: 1
> To-hit: 4+
> TSM: -2
> Laser Destroyer
> Range: 50cm
> Attack dice: 2
> To-hit: 4+
> TSM: -3
> Notes: Shield, no lance.
> Morale would probably be 1 since they are supposed to be steadfast
and equivalent of SM veterans in this respect.
> Note however, that in Net Epic the function of Wardens (eg. fire
support) has been taken over by Crusader and Castellan; I'm not sure
if they're needed.
> Jyrki Saari

  I should preface this with the information that I don't have access
to the stats for the Knights Paladin or Lancer from AT. Now
personally I like the suggested stats fairly well, but I think that
some bolters should be slapped on that baby, since all of the Knights
in Titan Legions had bolters. The speed, and battlecannon seem
fine. The TSM on the laser destroyer is very high compared to that
of a rapier. Obviously this Knight is basically inferior to the
Castellan and Crusader-types. Either it could be a Heresy-era Knight
(with the Crusader and Castellan as later developments) or its stats
could be improved a bit, or it could be really cheap. Discuss?


  This guy has some fun robot stats which differentiate between the
robots in much the same that the optional rules in NetEpic
differentiate between different Dreadnought classes. Metal or
plastic minis were created for all of these at one time or another.
  A fluffy side-note, according to my copy of Warhammer 40,000
Compendium at is very rare to mix robots of different types into one
maniple (squad of 4 robots). This would probably help to keep play
from bogging too much, as the robots have different speeds, weapons,
etc, but once again, discuss.

Warmonger Titan:

  Now, I've never even SEEN a Warmonger, let alone owned one, but it
seems totally silly to me not to have one of the Imperium's most
prestigious war machines uncovered by the rules. Anyway, these stats
look reasonable to me, horrendously powerful, but not as horrendously
powerful as the Imperator. Good?

  It might be amusing to allow the use of Lysanders in another
context. The minis are available through US mail order. Perhaps as
a cheap support card (25? 50 points?).

  Well, I was going to suggest whiteshields, but it appears that they
are deployed as squads attached to IG platoons, so are probably too
fiddly to bother with in the Epic scale.
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