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From: Jarreas Underwood <jarreas_at_...>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 06:08:10 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

I think I need to re-read the Slaan book. I heard mention of an armor save plus a shield save, and I think that's the only double save in the game other than the Gorgon. I suggest something on the order of a 3+ fixed save (2+ for the Bullfrogs), much like the Imperial Knights - they've got a 3+ fixed to the front, and it makes sense that Slaan can extend this to all-around. A double save increases both unit durability and game resolution time - I'd prefer to keep the double save as a *very* special ability, not standard equipment.

However, I'm heading to a conference in half an hour and won't be back 'till Sunday. I'll try and re-read the Slaan over next week and see how my suggestion would fit into the army.

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