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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 16:54:59 +0100

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Oggetto: [NetEpic ML] New special ability for weapons

>Special ability: Point Defense
>These are vehicle-mounted weapons designed to shoot infantry.
>PD weapons are generally short range (15 cm) and only hit on >6+,
>but can always fire in the First Fire segment regardless of the vehicle's
>This allows PD to fire at incoming attackers, or at nearby infantry units
after you move.
I like it! But.. I'd make some changes, mainly because I think that
introducing this ability could lead to design different types of PD weapons,
and to limit them a bit.

Special Ability: Point defense
These are vehicle-mounted weapons designed to shoot infantry and other light
PD weapons are treated like the other weapons mounted on the vehicle.
Anyway, if the vehicle is charged by infantry or cavalry stands, PD weapons
can Snap Fire at them without any penalty usually caused by Snap Fire.

- I'm not sure about the "cavalry" thing... ideas?
- I don't know if, during the battle, the difference between always being in
FF (as per Jarreas' idea) or being subject to the vehicles' orders unless
charged makes any difference, honest... ^^'

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