Re: R: [NetEpic ML] Squat book

From: Peter Ramos <primarch_at_...>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 17:22:55 -0400


Deda wrote:

>>After some thought, I think your approach is better. Increase range, 6+
>>to hit no snap fire penalty.
>That's fine...but are we talking about normal or heavy bolters? Or both (I
>always have in mind Hellbore & Behemot)?
>Are Bs and HBs going to be unified in a single 25 cm range, 6+, 0 TSM
>weapon? Good!
Yes, that would be correct

>BUT...I keep preferring, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding, the
>introduction of a "Close Assault Firing" sort of ability for these
>weapons... bolters, heavy bolters, shuricats, small shootas or whatever they
>are! ^^
A "spin" on this idea would be to give this skill to the vehicles and in
parenthesis a number equating to the number of attack dice for such an
attack. Its the same as above but saves a LOT of typing space since we
dont need to repeat bolter stats over and over again.

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