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From: Deda <crystalmir_at_...>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 15:19:09 +0100

A short commentary on the things attracted my attention in the new Squat
5.0! ^_^

Optional Rule: Eldar Antipathy (Page 2)
        I like it! ^__^ BTW..the "original" pieces of fluff, like The Fall of
Imbach and so on, are copyrighted? Otherwise it would be nice to spread them
around the booklets... (I'll always remember the "Camouflage is the color of
fear" quote by the Red Scorpions' Commander Culln!)

Defensive Aerial Fire (Page 3)
        I loved this rule since the first time I read it...but I noticed the word
"airship" is used more as a proper type of unit (like "Flier" or "Floater")
than a symple indication for the Overlord Airship (maybe I'm wrong?). I
think that, after settling the "Charging in Hand to Hand combat" issue, the
next should be the Fliers/Floaters one... (also, see below!)

The three clans
        Being a purist, I don't think I'm going to play any of them and stick to
the classic Squat army, but I like them very much, especially the Zutik!!!
Nice idea!!!

- P.7 Why no allies when an Ancestor Lord is in the army? I think an AL can
either remeber some old grudge but also good facts. I'd say no Eldar if the
AL is present, because of the background, bur Imperial allies should be

- P.9 Uhm..that's really just a personal feeling, but I don't think
Shortbeards and Stormers where needed.. :p

- P.11 I think the Gyrocopters special rule is a bit unclear. Why they are
Floaters? I don't think they can go on high altitude..or do they, now?

- P.12 I really like the idea of the additional templates of Goliath Mega
Cannons... but are they for free? Maybe a Mega Cannon firing the multiple
templates should be unable to shoot the next turn...Anyway, in general, I'd
prefer the Goliaths to get back to their original 150 points cost, as in
Space Marine, and leave them as they are.

On page 25 and 26, the Summary, I noticed that the Stormers are missing from
the Infantry Section, and in the Superheavies section is listed a "Robot
Command Vehicle" unmentioned before!

Ok, that's it! I really liked the work! Personally I stick to the more
"classical" Squat army. In the beginning in my group we decided to use only
standard units... but after facing in two games a Callidus and a Vindicare I
think I will start to use some "extra" unit as well. I love the Hellworm and
Ram ideas, the Slayers and Foundamentalists too. I'm still thinking a little
to the Observation Baloon.. I will playtest them a little!!!!

A rally good work!!! My compliments!!!

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