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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 23:01:39 -0800

Thanks to Kelvin, Quester, Andy, and Peter for helping me better
understand the great NetEpic Rules!

I have some further questions and a couple of comments.

Drop Pods:

Q)What effect do Drop Pods have on buildings? Can you land on them?
A)No effect, drop pod destroyed.

I can understand Pods not being able to land in rivers and marshes, but
why can't the Pods land on the tops of buildings, or land in forests, or
difficult terrain. The pod does not move, only lands. Why can tracked
vehicles move in these kinds of terrain but not Pods landing.

Q1) Can buildings be targeted if there are no visable enemy in them?
Q2) Can empty buidings be targeted?
Q3) Do buildings need to save at -4, when hit by the Gargant Gutbuster
    Ball, as models do? Is a building considered a model?

(A1)Yes, its a legal ploy to destroy buildings that are unoccupied to
open line of sight.
(A3)Yes, it saves at -4, consider it a model.

What about buildings that are occupied by enemy troops that are not seen
by any friendly troops. Can these buildings be targeted? How can your
artillery know that that is THE BUILDING to target, if the enemy trops
are not visable? Also, is it possible to target enemy infantry in
woods, when they are not visable to any of your own troops? How can
your artillery know THE PATCH OF TREES to bombard, if the enemy remains


Q) How is Close Combat resolved when a titan initiates Close Combat with
   infantry, and tanks? How do the titan anti-personal weapons
   affect defending infantry and tanks? Is the CAF of the titan used
   at all?

(A)No. The anti-personel rules still apply and vehicles are rammed
   (or kicked)

A pity that titans are not able to turn off the Titan Defence System
when it would benefit the titan to use it's CAF in certain situations.

For instance, when two Beastmen attack it. Or it attacks the Beastmen.

Any thoughts on these topics?

Warprat ;)
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