Adeptus Ministorum army list

From: talos402000 <tamah0me_at_...>
Date: Sat, 01 May 2004 03:04:02 -0000

Hi, I just picked up the new Witch Hunters codex and had some
thoughts on building an army list out of it and the old Sisters of
Batlle codex.

Provisional units:
Basilica Praetorian
Frateris Militia
Penitent Engine
Death Cultist
Arco Flagellant
Cathedral Emperor Titan (gonna need some help on that one)
Witch Hunter
New Sororitas units:
             Repentia Squad
             Exorciser Missile Tank (Rhino Variant)

The Ministorum contains 2 codex army lists, the Crusade and Sisters
of Battle, but these 2 frequently work together and are sometimes
seen as interchangeble. Here is a revised army point chart

Crusade Codex
Army Points
50%-100% Crusade
0%-50% Adeptus Sororitas
0%-25% other Imperial army lists

Sisters of Battle Codex
Army Points
50%-100% Adeptus Sororitas
0%-50% Crusade
0%-25% other Imperial army lists

New Special Ability: Holy Rage

Holy Rage may only be activated once per game and stays in effect
until the end of the game. The unit may not be placed on first fire
or fall back orders but must advance and charge if an enemy is
within range. The unit becomes fearless and adds +2 to its Caf.
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