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Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 20:13:47 +0200

Should not afect Titans and Praetorians.

If the Storm is natural (although psychically called) I don't think that the
psychic ST should be allowed, otherwise should not affect robots and
mindless critters. I would add a -1 penalty to morale rolls for infantry and
cavalry under the storm. Just for fighting with bad weather, which makes me

..weren't there some kind of weather/night rules for netepic? I'd love to
see a Space Wolf assault vs Squats under the snow... And those wet jungles
of Catachan? and a desert world with heating problems for all vehicles? And
strong winds that forbid all kind of indirect artillery, flyers and
skimmers? Seems like all battles are fought in perfect sunny day.


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> How about this:
> Stormseer: This Psyker is able to summon localized storms. Once per turn,
the Stormseer may place the 6 cm barrage template anywhere within 75 cm and
line of sight. If it touches a unit with a Psychic Save, a successful save
will dispel the storm. All line of sight through the template is obscured,
and units within cannot see anything (but may move normally). Remove the
template in the End Phase. He is a Psyker and HQ unit.
> Tactially useful, but IMHO not cheesy. Opinions?
> -Yar
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