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Proposition of Unit for Eldar

Author :By Lorenzo Canapicchi

Eldar Anubis warriors of Isha
You can include this free card in your army only in place of the
Avatar free card, this represent the watchful spirit of Isha
protecting her mortal childrens.
                                       WEAPONS RANGE DICE TO
                    10 cm 6+ +4
                                          Warp lance
                       25 cm 1 3+ -2 +2 to CAF
when charge, teleport.

The Anubis Warrior's fighting suit is an elaborate and superior
version of the worn by the ordinary aspect warriors, conferring a 6+
fixed saving throw, and his weapon is a warp powered ancient artifact
called "warp lance". They wear in the left hand a special clawed
glove, psychically energized by spirit stones, used to strike enemies
in close combat, so when charging another model Anubis Warriors add
+2 to his CAF , but only if the model it's considered "infantry" for
movement. Their Jackal-shaped helmet is fitted out with special range
finders which help to locate and lock the warp beam onto its target.
This give them a 3+ to hit when firing the lance.
Anubis Warriors will appear at any time, in the order phase before
order counters are revealed, using special teleport cells
called "Vaul Rings". You can deploy AW anywhere on the table,
position the first ring roll a scatter dice and if you score an arrow
reposition the ring 2D6 cm in the that direction, next deploy the
other 3 rings in "formation" with the first. Enemy troops, with FF
orders and LOS can fire on rings at the end of the order phase after
orders are been revealed, note that unlike drop pods you must have
LOS to fire on rings. Each Vaul ring has a fixed saving throw of 3+
on 1D6. Before the beginning of the movement phase replace each ring
with an Anubis Warrior stand and give them orders.
Unlike other troops when the Anubis Warrior detachment fails the
morale check, remaining models are teleported by rings 2D6 cm in a
random direction (use scatter dice), note that for the purpose of
teleportation each table edge is joined to the opposite ne.

Making the Anubis Isha Warriors
Making a detachment of Anubis Isha Warriors is really simple, just
use 4 warlock miniatures, one for each stand and cut off the las-
pistol. Make some rings ,cutting a plastic pipe and paint them silver
or grey to make "Vaul Rings".
- Paint the tunic white. - Paint their heads (mask) and gloves
bronze. - Paint the lance gold. - Add some detail in blue (gems,
eyes), red and gold (mask and tunic details)

The Anubis Warriors detachment consists of four Anubis Warrior troop
stands: Points Value Free, Break Point 2, Morale Value 2, Victory
Points 2, Free Card
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