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From: Darius \ <darius.spano_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 23:29:49 -0500

I played the Slann last week and couldn't move my army through the Mantis missiles. We played for 4 turns and there were a total 20 Mantis templates on the board and my opponent only had mechs and no launchers. It was fun for him but when you are playing a chaos army if you can't move you lose. My opponent agreed the Mantis missiles for mechs are tough. We decided to try out making it a rule that the Mantis missiles on mech need to be reloaded like the manticores. Also can someone explain the scarabs?

Do they attach themselves to one unit in the squad and move onto the next if it wins close combat? Or does it attach to the whole squad? Even with its nulifying field if the squad is spread out it wouldn't be able to affect them all, would it?

Also, why don't the Kroxigor come with a Necron lord like the skinks do? They should cost 175 with the Necron Lord and this allows the Slann player to take an additional special card.

We like the Slann and Necrons but think they need to be play tested more.

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