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The point cost seems fine to me, just some of the army rules are alittle too good.
I play a Slann army, and like it very dearly, but feel that the mantis missiles are just alittle too strong. To take one round to reload is a very good idea!! I like the sound of that, firing one mech, save two for the next round, would add some for-thinking to playing the army. As for a necron lord being added to the kroxigors, No way, it is avery good idea for there not to be one. Making you take a special card if you want to run them as a seperate unit from the exodus. I could use a AA uint to shoot at those pain in the ---- flyers.

From Gluckron's Raiders: send us help for thier bombers are ripping Sallconna's troops apart
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  I am glad to see some people are getting into the slann. Teras Cassidy created the slann with my help. They are a very powerful army. Perhaps the most powerful, many advantages few disadvantages.

  The key is the price. We know they are very strong relative other troops, but their cost limits them a lot. The only cannon fodder they have are the saurians all other units are pretty pricey. In playtesting most seem to fit within their cost scheme, but your input would be most appreciated to see if the costs are really well adjusted.


    To Net Epic Discussion Members,
    A few questions regarding the Slann & Necrons.
    1. Who plays Slann or Necron?
    2. How did they do when you played them (did they win or lose?)?
    3. What are the problems with them and how should they be corrected.
    I am only asking because we have started playing them and they are pretty powerful.


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