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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 10:25:24 -0600

  We played a battle with the Slann. It was a small battle of 2000 points. The Slann lost but we still misplayed them some. Here are some playtest questions.
  1. If you hit a Slann mech on the side and it fails its fixed 3+ save does that count as a side shot with a -1 save modifier?

  As with any model with fixed saves side and rear armor modifiers do not apply. Good to point out though.
  2. A necron transport was destroyed by Snap-fire. Can The Necron ship can repair on a 5+? Also can the units survive the crash? The units were Kroxigor and they have a fixed save so they get a save if in the destroyed vehicle? Or should we wait until the end of the turn to see if the vehicle has self repaired or not? Can the Kroxigors who survive the desroyed vehicle charge out?

  The reapir roll for the transport is in the end phase. Any troops within with fixed saves do get a save and if they survive they may charge (or whatever orders they have) out and still act. If the troops do not have fixed saves they suffer the regular damage. This is because the damage to the rtransport occurs and it contents, repair may reverse the damage but does not negate what has occured.
  3. This is an Eldar question. Eldar striking scorpions get an extra dice in combat against non-armored units. Do they still get an extra dice against terminators? I would think they wouldn't since the terminator armor is much tougher than normal armor and if hit by a volcano cannon they still have their save fixed at 6 so how could mandiblasters penetrate their armor.

  Heheh, one of my favorite questions. My ruling on it has always been NO! Even in 40k striking scorpions are no good versus terminators I dont see why they should be any better. As farr as I am concerned if it has a save the scorpions advantage is negated. So dont charge your scorpions to terminators at 1d6 they will be wiped out.

  4. Eldar question again. An Eldar player shot his deathstalker prism cannon successfully at another deathstalker(2nd) and another(3rd) and fired at my titan. This sounds ok, but listen, the last receiving deathstalker(3rd) charged that turn. Does the eldar player still get to shoot with the deathstalker that charged? The rules state if they are on advance orders but what about charge orders? I would think this would nullify the prism cannon's ability to fire since it had charged and therefore no shot could be fired. As it stood I let the eldar player shoot from the 2nd deathstalker and he destroyed my warlord titan whose shield were gone, and it was a reactor shot!!! I lost the game because of this. Next time I won't be so nice. Even if I almost did pull the upset of the century. It is aggravating facing 65 jet bikes and vypers and you loose one of your best units, dig in time. The Avatar got it that wussy, ha!!

  Hehe, I've been on the receiving side of luck like this a couple of times. While the deathstalker can fire out of phase with units on advance and first fire a deathstalker on charge orders may NOT receive or transfer shots. Only units on first fire and advance may receive and transfer shots.
  The Slann army is good and we liked the Mantis missile rule but I personally think 3 missile tanks should cost 150 not the 2 because for only being able to fire every other turn makes them less valuable. Check the points value for them because there may have been some typos.

  Thats a good point, I'll recheck it and post any changes.

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