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From: Joshua W Raup <deaconblue3_at_...>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 11:45:48 -0500

i m lookin for players in the albany NY zone of the big war
if they would like to play
call me at haunted hobbies and games
at 518-426-9872

-->You going to be at the store today Ron? If so, I'll catch up with you
then later. I'm bringing my stuff down to stash there.

Minister for General Mayhem
"Don't let the bastards grind you down." Gen. Joseph Stilwell

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HI :>

Im new to this group but not to Games Workshop. I was wondering if=

you could e-mail me an army list for the SLANN. Also what
figs do you use=
 for the slann?

"Peter Ramos" <pramos2_at_uswe=
st.net> wrote:

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Thanks for all the feedback on the slann! It's ver=
y helpful. I will include
this rule to fire the manits missiles every other=
 turn as for game balance..

To answer all the pleas for more slann units I=
 have posted in the vault the
NEW version of the Slann army list. Note all =
the add-ons are in RED font to
make lokkong them up easier. We were meaning=
 to include them in Incoming! but
we see that there are many people wanting=
 it now, so there it is. The version
includes more unit and badly needed on=
es like AA guns and the models that I
recommended to represent them. The ve=
rsion includes another slann titan and
their templates.

Please continue to=
 give us feedback on the slann, since as teh newest army we
were worried ab=
out game balance and as you can see your input will directly
impact on rule=
s changes.

The vault url is: http://www.egroups.com/docvault/netepic/?null=


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  Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: Slann

  The point cost seems fine to me, j=
ust some of the army rules are alittle too
  I play a Slann army, and=
 like it very dearly, but feel that the mantis
missiles are just alittle to=
o strong. To take one round to reload is a very
good idea!! I like the soun=
d of that, firing one mech, save two for the next
round, would add some for=
-thinking to playing the army. As for a necron lord
being added to the krox=
igors, No way, it is avery good idea for there not to
be one. Making you ta=
ke a special card if you want to run them as a seperate
unit from the exodu=
s. I could use a AA uint to shoot at those pain in the ----

m Gluckron's Raiders: send us help for thier bombers are ripping
s troops apart
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    From: Peter Ramos
 To: netepic_at_egroups.com
    Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 9:25 PM
 Subject: [NetEpic ML] Re: Slann


    I am glad to see some peopl=
e are getting into the slann. Teras Cassidy
created the slann with my help.=
 They are a very powerful army. Perhaps the
most powerful, many advantages =
few disadvantages.

    The key is the price. We know they are very strong =
relative other troops,
but their cost limits them a lot. The only cannon fo=
dder they have are the
saurians all other units are pretty pricey. In playt=
esting most seem to fit
within their cost scheme, but your input would be m=
ost appreciated to see if
the costs are really well adjusted.


      To Net Epic Discussion Members,
      A few questions regarding the S=
lann & Necrons.
      1. Who plays Slann or Necron?
      2. How did they d=
o when you played them (did they win or lose?)?
      3. What are the probl=
ems with them and how should they be corrected.
      I am only asking beca=
use we have started playing them and they are
pretty powerful.


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