Re: [NetEpic ML] Scorcher & Bowelburna

From: Toma Diener <peyoterattle_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 22:55:02 -0000

Hang on a tick: I've just realized that there are three small
templates: the Gnurgle stream of corruption (10cm x 5cm), the Eldar
Knight Psi-Lance (15cm x 6cm) and the standard GW small template
(which I can't put my hands on but I believe is 10cm x 6cm)..

Which one/s are we using now?

(...hangs head in sheepish embarrassment...)

--- In, Peter Ramos <primarch_at_c...> wrote:
> Ed Raith wrote:
> >I think that would be an excellant official change. Like you we have a
> >house rule where the large tear drop template for Bowelburner &
> >But, the idea of using the small tear drop template for the Scorcher is
> >great. With our house rule we bumped the points up for the
Scorcher. The
> >Bowelburner was left at the same point value, as it seemed a better
> >"design". Now we'll just drop the value back to normal on the
> >This rule needs to instated officially. Excellant change.
> >Ed
> >
> >
> >
> Hi!
> I agree. Been using it for a while and it works well.
> If there are no strong objections, I believe it should be instituted.
> Peter
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