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Brain, I've see on the news in the past, were a big band of college students
had stopped a tank, flipped it over, and all this without being armoured and
without guns. In Japan!!!!!!
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> > All the more reason for the tank to try and get out of the range of
> > infantry weapons. Note that I am NOT proposing that the tank should be
> able
> > to move away before CC but, assuming it survives, in the NEXT movement
> > phase. Repeat: NEXT movement phase. This may not have been clear in my
> > previous messages due to my limited skill in expressing myself in a
> foreign
> > language. In the current rules the tank is forced to stand still until
> is
> > either destroyed all infantry (unlikely) or is reduced to slag.
> >
> > So my proposal is:
> > 1) Give the attacking force a chance to kill the tank (fight a CC).
> > 2) Assuming that the unlikely event of the tank surviving a round of CC
> > happened let the tank move away in the NEXT movement phase.
> >
> > Any questions?
> >
> > Jyrki Saari
> >
> I have some. Let me get this straight. Close combat is over and we are
> the next TURN of the game. Since movement, shooting, and close combat are
> replenished in the end phase, the infantry would have their full ability
> move, shoot, and close combat. How would you resolve these problems?
> 1. The tanks have turned tail and fled. The infantry should get free
> on the tanks. Every close combat system that I can think of allows free
> hits on an enemy that flees from close combat. Remember, we fought close
> combat last turn. You have not fought close combat this turn, but you
> to use your movement this turn.
> 2. Infantry are pinned by tanks, they don't really get any orders. Units
> without orders can not move and only fire in the advance phase. You have
> basically made this unit useless this turn. The tanks move away and the
> infantry just sit there looking stupid.
> 3. If you allow the infantry to get orders even though they are pinned in
> close combat, do they get to shoot while they are pinned?
> 4. If you allow the infantry to get orders when they are pinned in close
> combat, can the infantry move away from the tanks?
> 5. If you allow the infantry to get orders when they are pinned in close
> combat, can they move away from the tanks and charge another unit that is
> within charge range?
> 6. If the side with the infantry goes first, the infantry are pinned by
> tanks and would not be allowed to move due to the pinning rule. The side
> with the tanks would then be free to move away from the infantry. The
> infantry are now stuck, they are not in close combat anymore, but did not
> get a chance to move because they were pinned. In this instance, the
> infantry have no chance to do anything, they can't move or charge and they
> won't get the protection of close combat. The worst of all worlds.
> 7. Since by your rules, tanks are not pinned by infantry anymore, tanks
> drive right though infantry units. I think I will have my Rhinos drive
> right through your infantry and the infantry inside the Rhinos will charge
> any artillery that is behind the screening infantry.
> I am seeing many instances where the infantry will have no chance to
> accomplish anything this turn. The tanks move away, and the infantry are
> stuck, without orders, without movement, without protection. I just don't
> see how this would work out very well. I have provided you with some
> situations that might give gamers trouble if they used your rule. Could
> please provide me with the solutions to them?
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