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An interesting variation by Peter. These Storm Serpents are much more powerful then those in E:Apocolypse. In that, the Storm Serpent is the wraithgate, and the gates only allow you to bring in reserves, ie., the gates are linked to a staging area and units can't jump between the gates of two Storm Serpents in the time of one game. To Imperial observers seeing a Storm Serpent deploying troops out of it's back "hatch", it was like watching a cartoon clown car and left them very confused.

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If you have two Storm Serpents and both create gates, could you move from on created gate to the other, breaking the LOS rule?
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Here are some units I came up with from the swordwind supplement of Epic A.
Storm Serpent
The Strom Serpent epitomizes the "lightning" art of war of the eldar.
This superheavy vehicle can create a stable warp gate so that eldar
units may gain quick access to critical battlefield spots and equally be
able to escape if the tactical situation so demands.
Move 20cm
Armor Save 1+ (super heavy vehicle)
CAF +3
Weapons: Pulse laser 75cm range, Attack dice 1, To hit as per pulse
laser, save modifer as per pulse laser.
                Scatter laser 25cm range, Attack dice 3, To hit 5+, save
modifier 0
Abilities: Holofield, Skimmer, Wraithgate
Wraithgate: The Storm Serpent can project a Wraithgate anywhere withing
its LOS up to 100cm range. Units that go through the wraithgate appear
in the MOVEMENT phase of the NEXT turn (eldar player choice as to
where). One the emergence point is indicated mark this site as this gate
is maintained by the strom serpent. Movement is bidirectional. But it
takes a turn each way to travel through it. You may not emerge and enter
the wraithgate again in the same turn. If the Wave storm is destroyed
prior to the transported troops emergence next turn, the troops are
trapped in the warp and count as destroyed for VP purposes. Only units
of vehicle pinning class or smaller may use the gate. Titans,
praetorians, super heavy vehicles and knights may NOT use the gate (too
Support card: one model cost 300 points 3 VP's
Void Spinner
At first glance the void spinner appear to be a larger cousin of the
doomweaver. That, however, is where the similarity ends. The Void
spinner fires a deadly barrage of concentrated bacteria and wraithbone
parasites that quickly devour any material in its impact zone.
Move 20cm
Armor Save 1+ (super heavy vehicle)
CAF +3
Weapon Void spinner cannon 100cm range, attack dice 8 BP's, to hit 3+,
save modifer -3
Abilities: Holofields, skimmer, artillery
Artillery barrages may NOT combine with other void spinners.
Support card: one model cost 200 points 2 VPs
I like the idea of Vampyres and Phoenix bombers to have pulse lasers.
The Vampyre has two and one scatter laser
The bomber has one pulse laser and the standard weapons it has now.
Jar, please list these alternate weapon configurations in the optionals
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